When a minor crime is investigated by RCMP and the offender has admitted guilt and is willing to make amends they are considered for the program. The program is explained to the victim and they can decide if they wish to take part. The RCMP file is then given to the RJ Program Coordinator.

NOTE: The role of this program is not to investigate the crime or determine guilt but deal with the file as it is received and contact ONLY those named as part of the file.

The Program Coordinator then chooses two volunteer facilitators and a mentor for each offender. A pre-interview is set up all of the participants to hear their story, share the rules of mediation and the process including what questions they will be asked so they are prepared for what will take place during the forum. The pre-interview also give the person harmed a chance to share what they would like to see happen ( financial restitution and community service are often part of the agreement) . A forum date is set where each person will have an opportunity to express how he or she has been affected by the incident in order to best repair the harm done both to the victim, and the community. Once an agreement is reached a copy of the contract is given to the victim, the offender, a copy  stays with the program coordinator and the original is given to the RCMP. A final report will be given to RCMP once the agreement has been successfully completed. The mentor will follow up with the offender and his/her family.  



The program is free for everyone. Fairview Community Restorative Justice is a not for profit organization funded through the Alberta Community Restorative Justice Grant Program. The Program Coordinator is paid but all our trained facilitators are volunteers from the community.