Our Impact

In 2006, a group of  forward thinking residents launched Fairview Community Restorative Justice as a committee of the Fairview & Area Well Community Action Association. Since then we have been facilitating forums and spreading the word about RJ through stories of our successes and challenges. 



forums held

These forums have been held to facilitate a community driven response to crime. The dignity of victims have been upheld and offenders have successfully made amends in almost all cases. 



Years Serving our community

It has been a rewarding and challenging decade + of work building this program. Our dedicated team of volunteer facilitators have been the life force of this organization and we could not have done it without them!



people directly Impacted

The direct utilization of Restorative Practices have impacted almost two hundred individuals. These are: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, business owners, church goers, children and youth.  


What we learned

  • Communities have a desire and ability to come together to ensure that harms are repaired