Restorative Justice Best Practice Measures

There are many models of Restorative Justice. The goal is to have a best practice measure that all programs can adhere to, while remaining true to the principles and practices they use whether that be; Victim Offender Mediations, Community Justice Forums, Healing Circles, Family Group Conferenceing or any other RJ model. 

Currently there are no best practice measure/standards set for Restorative Justice programs which may be the reason for fluctuating support and conflicting opinions on RJ's value and impact on communitites historically.

Fairview Community Restorative Justice recognizes the importance and continually works to update and improve standards in our own program. We are currently drafting a formal best practice document of our restorative process dealing with;

Governance, funding, coordinator/ facilitator training, referral process, initial referal, contact of victims and offender, interviewing, circle process, mentors, agreements, follow up, reporting, program satisfaction from referring agency, victims and offenders.  

If every Restorative Justice program used best practice measures, use by RCMP, Crown, Schools and community would likely increase and many issues that currently are not addressed due to shortage in resources could be resolved creating safer communitites. 

Once FCRJ's Best Practice Measures document is complete we will share it on our documents page.

Mary Bracken


Pamela MacKay