The Art of Communication


The art of communication is an art that not everyone has mastered or will be able to without a little guidance.  Getting to the heart of the matter although may seem simple can be quite difficult. Some people call it the elephant in the living room.  There is sometimes fear involved in getting to the truth of the matter.  Restorative Justice is a program that helps guide people to the truth of the matter in a safe respectful way.  The process involved is very simple, everyone tells their truth.  They are heard and that is when the mending can begin.  You hurt me, this is how I feel now what can we do to make it better.  I hurt you, this is how I feel now what can I do to make it better.  Relationships are the most important thing in life, starting with your parents, spouse, their parents, your children their teachers and peers and the community you live in which in effect has a ripple effect into the universe you live in.  We have to start with ourselves to build a better life and wouldn’t you know it, that has an effect on the whole universe, mind blown, right?

Pamela MacKay